-  spaghetto   -  Nòt Film Festival was really cool!

I just got back from Nòt Film Festival – where I was invited as a member of the jury – and I wanted to write a short post about how cool it was! The founders did an amazing job at creating something unique where all the guests – filmmakers, members of the jury, partners etc – could hangout together and do a lot of cool activities. We explored together the beautiful town of Santarcangelo and surrounding areas, we had breakfast and lunch together every day, we watched movies and took part of very interesting workshops. This was a very rare and cool situation as usually when you get invited to festivals, the organizers leave you by yourself the whole time and you don’t really get to interact much with anyone. It was also very interesting to watch all the films and decide with my fellow judges who was gonna win in each category. Lots of films were really really good, it was a tough choice!

More photos here.