-  spaghetto   -  My “This Cover” augmented reality animation is out!

I’m super happy to share this augmented reality animation I made during the lockdown! It was a lot of fun bringing the cover of a record I love to life for the project @thiscover__ (check it out it’s really cool!), plus emptying a crowded room couldn’t fit my feelings better! If you have The Crack by The Ruts at home please download @ariaplatform and try it out! You just need to point the camera of your smartphone to the album to activate the animation and you can also just point the camera to a photo or video of the album cover you find online. If you have the record please try it out and let me know if you liked the AR 🤗

The Ruts – The Crack
Animation by me
Sound by @marcodisumano
AR by @ariaplatform