-  spaghetto   -  Exhibition in Triennale!

I’ve been working really hard in the past few weeks directing and editing 4 videos for @triennalemilano.

They are part of the installation “OooOoO” by Koo Jeon A that opens tonight! @andre.lucat’s amazing photos are also part of the show. Go check it out and bring your skateboard, it stays up for 3 months!

Exhibition curated by @julia.peytonjones and @lorenza_baroncelli
Skatepark built by @ctrlz_skateboarding with @ignoramps and @vulcanoskateparks

Video credits:
Director of photography @danielesignaroldi
Skaters @raffaellabraganza @andre.lucat @sabbbbbbbbbbbbb @mattiaturco
Music @lucalongobardi_off and @elfuma

Thanks to: Mauro Simionato and Vitelli, Chiara Marzianati, @bastardstore, @naomiaccardi, @andy_olive and @danilo.convertini of Arcade Studio Milano, @tutiitut, @thebranka, @giulibera, CoopSpettacolo, Alison J Forest, @nylonboy83 and Martina Corbella.