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Finally back on set after a forced break due to the pandemic! I directed a commercial for Accademia del Lusso that will be broadcasted 3 times tonight during Giorgio Armani's show on La7. CREDITS:⁣ Copywriter: Emanuela Traversini, Stefano Rossi, Chiara Campagni⁣ Art Direction: Fabrizio Manis⁣ Executive producer: Jane Fraser⁣ Direction, editing and color correction: Diana Spaghetto Manfredi⁣ Production: Artibinarie Srl⁣ Sound/Sync : Sound Studio Service⁣ DP and camera: Daniele Signaroldi⁣  Gaffer: Alberto Fontanella⁣ BTS:

I’m super happy to share this augmented reality animation I made during the lockdown! It was a lot of fun bringing the cover of a record I love to life for the project @thiscover__ (check it out it’s really cool!), plus emptying a crowded room couldn't fit my feelings better! If you have The Crack by The Ruts at home please download @ariaplatform

[English below]   Monumento al presente: Nel giugno 2020 la storia moderna si fa testimone, per la prima volta, di un gigantesco movimento globale che ha visto scendere in piazza milioni di cittadini per rivendicare il diritto delle persone di colore a vivere. Dire che la vita dei neri abbia un valore, pare un concetto ovvio, ma non è così. Nella pratica la vita delle persone

Hi! We have been in locked-down in Italy for 3 weeks now. It's hard. In order to keep myself busy and spread some positivity, I started a podcast. Most episodes are in Italian, some will be in English. You can find the podcast on my IGTV, on SPOTIFY, iTUNES and other podcast platforms including ANCHOR and POCKET CASTS. If you have suggestions or want to

You can now watch my video series "Milano Tribe" on La Triennale website and youtube page. And also here :) Milano Tribe is a side project to OooOoO composed of a photo reportage by Andrè Lucat and a series of four videos by Diana “Spaghetto” Manfredi that unveils the Milanese skateboard world through the eyes of its protagonists. By following four skate ambassadors, Milano Tribe

Today I’ll be talking with @rivistastudio about my latest videos for @triennalemilano and experience as a director both in Italy and the US. @pablosk875 will be sharing his experience as a skateboarder and designer. Come join us and @serena_by_name_and_by_nature at 3:15pm. Photo: @gianphoto 📷✨

I've been working really hard in the past few weeks directing and editing 4 videos for @triennalemilano. They are part of the installation "OooOoO" by Koo Jeon A that opens tonight! @andre.lucat’s amazing photos are also part of the show. Go check it out and bring your skateboard, it stays up for 3 months! Exhibition curated by @julia.peytonjones and @lorenza_baroncelli Skatepark built by @ctrlz_skateboarding with @ignoramps