-  spaghetto

I just got back from Nòt Film Festival - where I was invited as a member of the jury - and I wanted to write a short post about how cool it was! The founders did an amazing job at creating something unique where all the guests - filmmakers, members of the jury, partners etc - could hangout together and do a lot

I've noticed yesterday that RealTime/Dplay have completely changed their streaming platforms and my mini series about all-female Italian skate crew BSG is not there anymore. So I just uploaded it on my Vimeo account. If you couldn't watch it from the US, this makes it visible everywhere yay! Sorry, not subtitles tho! Directed and produced by Diana "Spaghetto" Manfredi and Spaghetto Productions.  

SpaghettoChild3 was awarded with Best Skate Film and Audience Choice at SSFF! The video - produced by Chef Family and directed by Renè Olivo - focuses on Gianluca Mariani's thirty years of skateboarding and features an interview with me and a lot of my photos, graphics and clips from skate videos I directed in Italy in the 2000s. I wrote something emo about it here Photos

SAVE THE DATE! MINI - Wine, Food and Cult Movies turns 1 on Feb 2nd ? From 5pm till late live music with Tunonna e Da Rozzo Criù and dj sets by Dj Young Aioli aka Dj Spotify Premium For Students (aka ME!) and Dj Tiny Mar! Good food, good drinks, good people, good vibes. I also made this animated flyer ?