-  spaghetto   -  My Augmented Reality installation for the City Hall of Vienna!
This summer I had the pleasure of being one of the artists selected for a very cool project commissioned by Azoomee in partnership with the City of Vienna and A1 Telekom Austria.
The project provides an augmented reality application for children installed on phones that are handed to them at the beginning their tour of the City Hall of Vienna. While the tour guide introduces each room with fun facts and stories, the kids are given the opportunity to search the room for the ‘hidden’ augmented reality features.⠀
My installation is in the Senate room which is the first room the kids visit. There are 8 paintings of mayors hung on the walls that are not being explained to the children as their stories might not be very interesting to them. My idea was to create a funny and curious situation/story for each mayor, something unexpected that the kids could relate to. I was interested in the juxtaposition between the seriousness of the room/characters portrayed and the silliness of the actions/animations. When the kids point the phones to the paintings, each painting animates and shows its imaginary behind the scenes situation. In order to balance the fact that all the mayors are men, I wanted the kids to discover that one of the portraits was painted by a very talented and internationally famous female painter: Maria Lassnig. She is featured in my animation of her painting of mayor Helmut Zilk. ⠀
The installation will be showcased for a period of 6 months from hopefully October (the opening was supposed to be in mid September originally but it got postponed because of Covid) and it will be the first use of augmented reality at the cross section between public art and educational entertainment worldwide featuring area target technology and 5G.⠀
It was so much fun working on this project and I’m definitely looking forward to creating augmented reality animations for educational purposes again in the near future!
Below a test video, more video coming soon 🙂